PHYTO 2000


its present place in modern medicine,
its historical development in France and abroad, since 1970.

The year 1970 should be considered as a must for the launching of Clinical Phytotherapy.

In fact, it is since this time that some doctors became more interested in the use of medicinal plants in the every day medical cure. Clinical researches have been taken upon in all the medical fields and proved that the use of Phytotherapy, with regards to modern scientific criterias, allowed the treatment of a good number of infections, even those which would be considered to be very dangerous diseases. At present, all over Europe, Congresses and Seminars have been organised, many laboratories started up, and more and more people are beeing cured this way.

Since then, exchanges have been established with many countries : Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Greece, United-States, West Coast of Africa, but the most advanced clinical researches are presently related to France.

Aromatherapy beyond modern scientific needs : methods of control and analysis, statistical results, clinical applications.

A lot of french laboratories researches have proved that the essential oils from medicinal plants have a remarquable antimicrobian power. An analystic method called "Aromatogramme" allows to see - the same way that the antibiogram shows about the antibiotics - which are the plants which are better concerned to destroy the germs.

Statistical studies have even showed that some among these plants are more efficient than the most recent antibiotics, and they have allowed to cure some dangerous diseases in human and veterinar medicine.

The possibilities of Clinical Phytotherapy
concerning the infections and allergic respiratory diseases

It is possible, under great care with the use of medicinal plants - that is to say after taking into consideration all their properties and having established a good clinical diagnostic - to treat the whole of the pathology of the respiratory system and to heal allergies, even those considered to be very dangerous and of which the classical medecine cannot give the wanted results.

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