A new association of Phytotherapy users : PHYT0 2000

Phyto 2000 -an association of patients concerned with Phytotherapy- was first launched in France, and with it, a new publication : Les Bonnes Feuilles as a newsletter published for its members and for the friends of Phytotherapy.

It is now thought that, although the efforts of the Société Francaise de Phytothérapie et d'Aromathérapie can assume the scientific and research aspect of herbal medicine, the future of Clinical Phytotherapy cannot be taken for granted without the support of the patients themselves.

The first edition of Les Bonnes Feuilles (The Good Leaves) started with a call to all those who use Phytotherapy to support various actions, either scientific, medical educational or political.

The aim of Phyto 2000 is to defend herbal medicine and to give it once more its real place in general medical practice and to reveal its wealth and potential. It sets out to safeguard the right of the patient to choose his doctor and to defend the right of the doctor to practise natural botanical medicine. It also hopes to support the improvement of scientific research, both theoretical and clinical both in France and internationally.

Since then, 7 issues have been published. You may receive one of the latest issues through Email request.

BOARD of the S.F.P.A.   BOARD of PHYTO 2000 Association

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The GOOD LEAVES, the newsletter of PHYTO 2000 is now open to ADVERTISING as long as Products are directly linked to this form of medicine.
Mailed to all its suscribers and available on all medical sites, as well as specialized Pharm-stores, this quarterly magazine has a 5.000 ex. coverage. Thus you will IMPROVE YOUR IMAGE and help our Scientific research. For all information, please Email PHYTO 2000.